Join Our Moving 36 Class

Full Body Workout

Explosive full-body exercise routines.

2 Hours

Push yourself as long as you can. Sessions last 2 hours or until you tap out.

Social Distancing Compliant

Workout out safely. We respect all social distancing protocols.

Take A Journey

Take a journey around the city with us finding hidden gems and capturing the moments.


Transform Your Body In 30 Days

With 30 days of the Moving 36 Class, you will not be the same person at end as you were when you started.  You will transform physically and mentally. You will be able to perform for longer without tapping out than you could at the beginning.  And that’s what it’s all about.



The Warm Up

We start the workout with a brisk warm-up to prep the muscles for exercise.


The Workout

This is where we go all in. We hit every muscle group. Pace yourself and stay the course until the end.


The Recovery

After we work the muscles out, we stretch the muscles out to help them recover from exercise and prepare for the next session.

Pay Monthly

Moving 36 Class

Monthly Subscription

  • 30 Day Workout Program
  • Saturday & Sunday | 7am – 9am EST
  • Bring unlimited amount of guests FREE
  • July through October

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