A lot of people have the misconception of “I have to go to the gym to work out”. Nope. I’m right here in my backyard and I’m going to show you some super basic exercises to start toning your thighs. But before I do that, let’s get into your thighs and the areas around them and how we can make sure that what we’re doing is effective.

So when you’re working your thighs, you want to isolate from the knee up. So you really want to focus on what is from the knee up. We have our hamstrings are in the back, our glutes of course, largest muscle group on the body. We have our quads that are right in the center of our thigh. Right in the center.

So we want to make sure that all of those are engaged when we’re trying to tone our thighs. They all play a part in toning your thighs in this exercise. So first thing I want you guys to do, especially if you are a beginner, you can start right at home, get something to hold on to. I have a weighted weight bar. If you have one of these, these are great, especially for beginners. I ordered mines off of Amazon.

Exercise #1

I want to hold on to it. I going to center myself. Everything should be centered. I am going to hold on and I’m going to do some kick-outs. Nice and easy. I’m not bent forward, I’m not leaning back. I’m straight and I’m not touching the ground. And also you’re going to do the other side. If you’re a super beginner, I say start off with eight reps and repeat everything about three or four times. And then as you go on you can up your reps.

So again, straight kick-outs. And another way you could do it is bend the knee and do a standing hydrant. I’m going to turn to the side so you can see that clear. If you bend your knee, you can also lean forward a bit, to your comfort level. Try to raise up. That way everything is engaged.

See right here, I feel it here. Feel it in my quads, feel it in my hamstrings. And I got my hamstrings engaged and I feel it in my glutes too. So this is something that you can do very simple, two different ways. All right? Make sure if you’re watching that you comment “got it”. All right.

Exercise #2

If you have something weighted like this weight bar, that’s excellent. What I want you to do is hold onto the weight bar. I want you to squat down and do something that I’ll call one, two, three. It’s going to hit the inner thighs nicely. Also, your glutes are engaged because you’re in a squat position.

So boom. One, two, three, back. One, two, three, back. One, two, three. All right, nice. The quicker, the better. You’re going to feel that burn. Your quads are going to be super activated. And then repeat on the other side. So one, two, three, one, one, two, three, two, one, two, three, three. That’s your count. You got it. Boom and come back in.

It’s super important that you stay in squat position. Why? Because you want your other muscle groups to be engaged. Why is it important that our muscles are engaged? Because that’s like waking them up. You want them to be engaged so that everything inside can respond. If my biceps aren’t engaged and I’m doing curls, then I’m not going to get any gains there. So you have to make sure everything’s engaged and activated. Don’t forget, after you see an exercise, what do you need to do?

Comment, “I got you Steph”.

Exercise #3

So after you’ve done that nice little warm-up for toning your thighs, what you can also do is use a resistant band. Everywhere has them. They’re very good because resistance is a great way to train if you want to tone, because it’s not like putting a lot of muscle on you. It’s not like you have to go and lift weights, it’s not difficult, but you can get great results from resistance training. Great. Especially toning and development. You got me over there. So take your band, especially if you got one that ties. Step out a little bit so you can feel how tight it is. And then go ahead and place like a nice knot into it. I’m like mines kind of tight. So what I want you to do is if you have steps in your house or anything like that, what I want you to do as a combo. You’re going to come over right here, I want you to have your bands out, I want you to kind of kick out, hydrant out, come down. Kick back, hydrant out, squat down. One more time, kick out. Everything’s engaged, everything. Bring it back in. Hydrant out. Squat down. You got it. .

Fellas, If you’re trying to work your thighs, , you can use the same resistance. All right? And kick, boom, boom, up, kick, knee, foot. Why? Because fellas, you can isolate that, eliminate the squats and the kickbacks. Don’t engage the glutes as much as my ladies. But still get those nice thighs in there by just isolating and going. So fellas if you’re watching this, I want you to comment and say “I got you Steph”. All right? So we went over three exercises. The tips that you need to leave with, make sure you do everything equally. Have a number of how many times you’re going to do it. If you’re a beginner, eight is great. If you are intermediate, anywhere from 12 to 16 is great and if you are an expert, you can be doing 30 reps or higher. Resistant bands are super, really good to train because it will tone you and develop you without adding a bunch of mass to you. All right, so just get started. I hope that this was helpful. Make sure you comment. You like, post, and share and I’ll be back with more and more how to’s.

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