Get Fit With 36 & OUT

36 & Out is not just another workout routine: It’s a lifestyle change, a monthly transformation program, and a social space all in one. We don’t believe in the concept of throwing your body into an advanced workout routine from day 1. Instead, 36 & Out is designed to force your body to adapt, change and grow into the program so day 1 is not the same routine as day 31. Connect with like-minded people who are on the same fitness journey as you to give you the extra push you need to continue the classes and get through the program.

Get the following benefits when you

Join Our 36 & Out Group Fitness Class

Gradual Progression

Allows your body to naturally grow and adapt into the workout program.

Team-Like Environment

Workout with a group of 36 people that want to see you make it to the end. Now, it’s about more than just you; it’s about the success of the group as a unit, as a whole, as a team.

Works All Muscle Groups

From your calves to your shoulders, 36 & Out hits everything in only 36 minutes non-stop. Slow down or stop for water if you need it,  just don’t stop moving. You stop when the music stops, period.

No Long Workouts

When 36 minutes is up, you are done. No hour-long workouts here! Get your cardio and strength training all in one, including warm-up time in the beginning and recovery time at the end.

Transform Your Body In 30 Days

With 30 days of 36 & Out, 4 times a week, you will not be the same person at end as you were when you started.  You will transform physically and mentally. You will be able to perform more reps at the end than you could at the beginning. You will be able to perform entire exercises by the end of the class that you could not do in the beginning.  And that’s what it’s all about.



The Warm Up

We start the workout with a brisk warm-up to prep the muscles for exercise.


The Workout

This is where we go all in. We hit every muscle group. Pace yourself and stay the course until the end.


The Recovery

After we work the muscles out, we stretch the muscles out to help them recover from exercise and prepare for the next session.

Pay Monthly

36 & Out Group Classes

Monthly Subscription

  • 30 Day Workout Program
  • 4x Per Week
  • Workout For Only 36 Minutes

Pay Monthly

36 & Out Starter AM Group Classes

Monthly Subscription

  • 30 Day Workout Program
  • 1x Per Week – Mondays @ 6am
  • Workout For Only 36 Minutes

Pay As You Go

36 & Out Group Classes

Single Class Drop-In

  • Single Class
  • Drop-In Whenever You Like
  • Workout For Only 36 Minutes

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